Austin Cary Forest – Gainesville FL

In 1939, the federal Work Progress Administration (WPA) worked to develop Austin Cary Forest, a UCF facility used for “the purposes of academic teaching, research, extension education, and demonstration“. The WPA “built roads, buildings, and water draining ditches. And 100,000… read more

Cherry Lake Farms – Madison FL

“Cherry Lake Farm (also known as Cherry Rural Rehabilitation Project) was a New Deal rural relief program initiated by the FERA and the Resettlement Administration (RA) and implemented by the WPA. The project involved moving 500 needy families from Tampa,… read more

East Hall (Isolation Building, former Florida Industrial School for Girls)- Ocala FL

The facility now known as East Hall was originally constructed as the “Isolation Building” for Florida Industrial School for Girls, a reformatory. It was constructed in 1936 as a New Deal-aided project. The Public Works Administration (PWA) supplied a $27,727… read more

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden – Coral Gables FL

Miami and the surrounding Dade County were effectively without city or county parks until the 1930s.  The city got its first park in 1925, after which the city was devastated by a hurricane the following year. The county received its… read more

Flagler Memorial Bridge (former) – Palm Beach to West Palm Beach FL

Palm Beach’s old Flagler Memorial Bridge was constructed by the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). The bridge was completed in 1938; however, in 2014 the bridge was undergoing replacement and demolition. “WPA funds were also utilized to construct the Flagler… read more