Mansfield Training School and Hospital (former) Development – Mansfield CT

America Builds: “Many schools for feeble-minded and epileptic children have been built … At Mansfield the State of Connecticut maintains a school, which with the aid of a PWA grant of $2,576,700 provides living and hospitalization facilities, as well as… read more

Meshomasic State Forest – Portland CT

Meshomasic State Forest, the first such entity in all of New England, was improved and developed by the efforts of two C.C.C. camps: Camp Jenkins (C.C.C. Company #181), in operation from June 14, 1933 to Jan. 1, 1936; and Camp… read more

Mountain Laurel Sanctuary – Union CT

Nipmuck State Forest’s Mountain Laurel Sanctuary began “as a beautification project of the Civilian Conservation Corps” in 1935. Located along Snow Hill Road, it features Connecticuts state flowers, and is particularly beautiful during peak bloom.

Municipal Garage – Stratford CT

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded the construction of a municipal garage in Stratford, Connecticut, circa 1935. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration  (FERA)completed about 50% of the structure, and the WPA completed the project. This building is currently being used… read more

Natchaug State Forest – Eastford CT

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)’s Camp Fernow, which housed Company #183, was stationed at Natchaug State Forest in Eastford, Connecticut. The camp was established June 29, 1933 and was discontinued May 28, 1941. Among other projects independently listed on other pages,… read more

Naval Submarine Base Development – Groton CT

The W.P.A. conducted numerous improvement and development projects at the New London Submarine Base. Project details: “Construct and improve buildings, utilities, and grounds” Official Project Number: 165‐1‐91‐105 Total project cost: $49,805.00 Sponsor: Commandant, Naval Submarine Base, U.S. Navy “Make improvements… read more

Nipmuck State Forest – Union CT

The Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.)’s Camp Graves operated between May 27, 1933 and April 22, 1936 at Nipmuck State Forest in Union, Connecticut. Among the C.C.C. accomplishments were “8 miles of truck trails” and “fire suppression on the Connecticut—Massachusetts border.”… read more