• Armory (demolished) Improvements - New London CT
    W.P.A. improvements to the former Armory building (which Living New Deal believes to be on Washington Ave., and since demolished) in New London, CT included the following projects: Construct armory and drill shed Official Project Number: 165‐1‐15‐145 Total project cost: $219,898.00 Sponsor: State Department of Public Works Repair and improve Armory building Official Project Number: 165‐15‐2005 Total project cost: $682.00 Sponsor: Quartermaster General's Department
  • Fire Station - New London CT
    New London received a new fire station in 1939. It replaced a facility damaged during a hurricane the previous year. The Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) supplied a $13,752 grant for the project, whose total cost was $30,792. Construction occurred between Dec. 1938 and Aug. 1939. PWA Docket No. CT X1405
  • Fort Trumbull (former) Improvements - New London CT
    The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted the following work at what was then Fort Trumbull: "Improve buildings, grounds, and facilities" Official Project Number: 112‐3‐15‐4 Total project cost: $15,666.00 Sponsor: Treasury Department, U.S. Coast Guard, Fort Trumbull Training Station "Paint interior and exterior of building" Official Project Number: 165‐15‐2019 Total project cost: $652.00 Sponsor: Quartermaster General's Department
  • New London Municipal Docks - New London CT
    The Works Progress Administration built the New London Municipal Docks in New London CT. The exact location and condition of this facility are unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • Post Office Mural - New London CT
    The historic New London post office houses magnificent examples of New Deal artwork. Tom La Farge painted a six-panel mural for the lobby of the New London post office. Sources suggest that the work was initially commissioned by the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) and later installed under the Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP). NHRP nomination: Murals painted in 1933 and installed in 1938 depict scenes typical of early whaling, and are integrated well into the lobby design. The murals were commissioned as part of the Public Works of Art Program and painted by Thomas Sergeant Lafarge of New York, an...
  • United States Coast Guard Academy: Hamilton Hall Murals - New London CT
    "The Henriques room was originally the Academy library, and is now used for special gatherings and award ceremonies. Aldis Browne, graduate of Yale School of Fine Arts, worked for the U.S. Treasury Program during the Great Depression and completed the various murals painted on the walls. The murals represent the Coast Guard's history. The room is also filled with museum artifacts."