Land’s End Observatory – Grand Mesa CO

Land's End Observatory - Grand Mesa C

In the 1936-37, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) helped the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) build the stone observatory (later visitor’s center) at Land’s End on the western tip of Grand Mesa. It was built in the Rustic Style popular in… read more

Manitou Experimental Forest Station – Woodland Park CO

The Manitou Experimental Forest (MEF) is part of the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, located in Pike National Forest. “Built between 1937 and 1939, this collection of six architecturally significant sandstone buildings represents some of the finest Depression-era… read more

Monument Valley Park – Colorado Springs CO

Monument Valley Park is a two mile stretch of public park land along Monument Creek. It was originally created in 1904-1907. Multiple New Deal agencies contributed to the park’s development and improvement during the 1930s. Flood control was a huge… read more

Moraine Park Museum – Rocky Mountain National Park CO

Moraine Park Museum - Rocky Mountain National Park CO

Moraine Park, a large valley in the southeastern portion of Rocky Mountain National Park, is home to the Moraine Park Museum.  The building was formerly a private lodge built in 1923.  Both Moraine Park (a glacial valley) and Moraine Lodge… read more

Mountain View Cemetery – Pueblo CO

Multiple New Deal agencies worked to develop and otherwise improve Pueblo, Colorado’s historic Mountain View Cemetery during the 1930s. “Major improvements to the Mountain View Cemetery began with 1933-1934, CWA Projects. The CWA crews enclosed the ornamental iron fence on… read more