Colorado National Monument: Rim Rock Drive – Grand Junction CO

“At the far edge of western Colorado is Colorado National Monument, an area of water-sculpted sandstone, colorfully striated cliff walls, rock arches, high mesas and abundant wildlife. Cutting along the cliff side of this sunset-colored country is Rim Rock Drive,… read more

Colorado National Monument: Saddlehorn Caretaker’s Residence – Grand Junction CO

“The Saddlehorn Caretaker’s Residence and Garage are located at the intersection of Rim Rock Drive and Saddlehorn Loop Road, approximately 5 miles from the west entrance of Colorado National Monument. Both buildings are rectangular, one-story structures designed by the National… read more

Colorado National Monument: Saddlehorn Utility Area Historic District – Grand Junction CO

“Significant for its association with the CCC and WPA, the district includes four good examples of National Park Service Rustic style architecture. The structures were constructed of locally quarried sandstone by the CCC with Emergency Conservation Works funding. The 1937… read more