• Charter Way Railroad Underpass - Stockton CA
    Stockton, California’s Charter Way railroad underpass was constructed with the aid of federal funds during the Great Depression. The underpass is still in use today. "At Charter Way, U. S, 50, crossed at grade a total of eight separate railroad tracks, one of the Western Pacific and seven of the Southern Pacific, all within a distance of five hundred feet. Design studies were made to determine the most satisfactory structure for the problems involved, which included the separation of the highway and eight railroad tracks and the maintenance of accessibility to adjoining improved property. To this end an undergrade...
  • Fresno Avenue Grade Separation - Stockton CA
    $20,000 was provided by federal funds for the construction of a grade separation railroad bridge over Fresno Avenue.
  • Port of Stockton - Stockton CA
      General improvements, dredging and wharf and warehouse construction.
  • State Route 5 - French Camp CA to Stockton CA
    $114,000 was spent under a federal grant for the grading and paving of 3.4 miles of highway between French Camp and Stockton, California.
  • Stockton Federal Building: Bergman Mural - Stockton CA
    The Stockton Federal Building contains two 1936 murals funded by the Section of Fine Arts. This mural "Modern Transport of the Mail" by Frank Bergman is an 8' x 12' oil on canvas depicting the delivery of mail.
  • Stockton Federal Building: Moya del Pino Mural - Stockton CA
    The Stockton Federal Building contains two 1936 murals funded by the Section of Fine Arts. This oil on canvas mural "Mail And Travel By Stage" by Jose Moya del Pino depicts stage coach travel in early California.
  • Stribley Park Improvements - Stockton CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) provided labor to improve Stockton’s Stribley Park in 1938. The improvement project was one of several WPA efforts in the City. “It is reported that $21,903 will be spent in a city-wide improvement program of municipal playground facilities at Stockton, Calif., which is under way as a WPA project,” a contemporary journalist reported in June 1938. “Two tennis courts will be constructed at Stribley Park and two at the Municipal Baths.” The park still exists today. Facilities include baseball diamonds and picnic areas. It appears as though the tennis courts mentioned above were refurbished as handball courts.
  • Yosemite Lake/American Legion Park Improvements - Stockton CA
    These improvements include the creation of a recreational beach by dredging sand from the San Joaquin River, the construction of dressing room barges, the provision of lighting for the park, and the construction of 50 benches. Currently the park is used mostly for picnics and barbeques. The bathing beach no longer in use. Te park is operated by the City of Stockton.