• Chino Elementary School - San Bernardino CA
    "Construction of an Elementary School Bldg. consisting of four units of wood frame on concrete foundations. Exterior walls stucco and all interior walls and ceilings plastered to replace school now being demolished; the old school building was very dangerous and the State Department of Architecture recommended the erection of a new earthquake resisting structure. This new building consists of a one story four room frame and stucco structure which will accommodate about 200 children. The work was done under the supervision of John LaClaire, Foreman for the Chino School District and employed on an average of ten men. San Bernardino,...
  • Chino High School Building - San Bernardino CA
    "Construction of Chino High School Bldg. This project consisted of the erection of three units one story stucco High School Building. Unit #1 is 191' x 25'5", consisting of one sewing room, girls' rest rook, waiting room, fitting room and two offices. Unit #2 is 140'3" x 28' and consists of drafting room and two offices, typing room, bookkeeping room, work room and supply room. This building replaces the old condemned High School Building which was unsafe for school purposes. The new Bldg. is earthquake resisting and will make the residents who have children in High School rest easier than...
  • East Twin Creek Flood Control - San Bernardino CA
    WPA crews worked on this flood control project on East Twin Creek near San Bernardino.
  • Perris Hill Park - San Bernardino CA
    The WPA worked on the park's Roosevelt Bowl, as well as constructing a baseball stadium, tennis courts, the caretakers home, installing sprinkler systems and improving the sewage system.
  • Perris Hill Park Baseball Stadium - San Bernardino CA
    This baseball stadium was part of the WPA Perris Hill project.
  • Perris Hill Park Plunge - San Bernardino CA
    Though the WPA did not build the pool itself it constructed much of the cement around the pool.
  • Perris Hill Park Roosevelt Bowl - San Bernardino CA
    The Roosevelt Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater with 1800 seats. The description of the archival photo below reads: "Constructed in 1934 and 1935 by California Emergency Relief Administration. Cost approx. $45,000, seating capacity 3,000-4,000 persons. Bowl constructed in Natural Amphitheatre of concrete material. Facilities include fully equipped stage in concrete shell with adequate lighting for all night activities. Only work performed by WPA was rehabilitation and fencing under official project 65-3-5324, Presidential Letter 1580." https://newdeal.feri.org/search_details.cfm?link=https://newdeal.feri.org/library/g09a.htm
  • Railroad Yard Viaduct - San Bernardino CA
    This New Deal federal public works project was a product of joint state, federal, county, and private funding. The viaduct had a 40-foot reinforced concrete roadway with a 3-foot 6-inch sidewalk on each side and an overall length of 1016 feet with flared approaches giving easy access at either end. The work was accomplished in part by cutting through a new street and rerouting the Pacific Electric tracks. The complete project involved the relocation of the street railway tracks at an estimated cost of $14,000 and yard changes by the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad Company at an estimated...
  • Redlands Coagulating Plant - San Bernardino CA
    Exact location and current status not known.
  • Redlands Reservoirs - San Bernardino CA
    From the National Archive description below: "The wrecking of old roofs over three municipal water reservoirs and their replacement with galvanized corrugated iron roofs is a WPA project recently completed for the City of Redlands. The replaced roofs were 25 years old and in such bad repair that they constituted a potential threat to the domestic water supply of Redlands."
  • San Bernardino High School Mural - San Bernardino CA
    The three panels of this oil-on-canvas mural "Mormon Saw Mill" were painted by Rex Brandt with FAP funds.
  • San Bernardino Valley Junior College Auditorium - San Bernardino CA
    The WPA undertook campus improvements at San Bernardino Valley Junior College.
  • San Bernardino Water Reclamation Plant - San Bernardino CA
    This water reclamation plant was a New Deal project.