• Crescent Weir Flood Control - Riverdale CA
    As part of $106,612 spent on 38 projects in Fresno County in March 1934, the Civil Works Administration spent $12,416.67 on the Crescent Weir, a flood control structure on the Kings River. 91 men were employed. By April, the CWA was being liquidated, but 24 projects like the weir were continued under FERA with compensation insurance by the sponsor. A hand drawn CWA 1934 marker is still in the concrete.
  • Fairmount Park Improvements - Riverside CA
    Other small improvements were made by the WPA in Riverside in the area of culture and recreation. The zoo and tennis courts which had been built at Fairmount Park by the Emergency Relief Appropriations (ERA) in 1933 were supplemented in 1938 by the WPA’s construction of a Masonry Club House and a pistol range, both of which were to be available for public use. The zoo was removed in the 1950s. It is not known whether the current tennis courts are at the original site or relocated. The status of the Masonry club house is not known nor the pistol range.
  • Riverdale Ditch (dismantled) - Riverdale CA
    A CWA project in March 1934 rebuilt an irrigation ditch to go around the Riverdale High School athletic field. $2,937.05 was the amount provided for the project as part of the employment of 262 men that month in Fresno County. When this researcher visited the site last month, it appeared to have be recently filled in, even though it is still listed on Google Maps.