Arroyo Viejo Recreation Center – Oakland CA

Arroyo Viejo Recreation Center/Park was developed between 1936 and 1939 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), working with the Oakland Recreation Department.  The WPA funded the project for around $60,000 in 1935 (Chronicle 1935). The 16 acre site on Arroyo… read more

East Bay Regional Parks: Other Improvements – Berkeley CA and Oakland CA

The East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) was formed in 1934 and acquired land for parks from the East Bay Municipal Water District in 1936.  The first parks were Tilden, Sibley, Temescal and Redwood in the East Bay Hills behind… read more

Montclair Park & Recreation Center – Oakland CA

The seven-acre Montclair Park in Oakland was built with the aid of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1938-39.  This gem of a park lies just north of Montclair Village in the Oakland hills and below Montclair Elementary School.  The… read more

Oakland Airport (North Field): Hangar Improvements – Oakland CA

New Deal agencies did a variety of work on the five hangars at the Oakland Municipal Airport (now the North Field of the Oakland International Airport) and later built a new hangar for the Naval Reserve Air Base at the… read more

Oakland Airport (North Field): Water Lines and Drainage – Oakland CA

In 1936, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) installed a fire-fighting water supply system and laid drainage tile under the Oakland Municipal Airport (now the North Field of the Oakland International Airport). The drainage system covered 3.6 million square feet and… read more

Port of Oakland: Albers Brothers Milling Company Road Work (demolished) – Oakland CA

Funds for road improvements at the foot of Seventh Street in the Port of Oakland were secured through the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) in 1935 (Minutes of the Port Commissioners). SERA was funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration… read more