• Edward Vincent Jr. Park - Inglewood CA
    Otherwise known as Centinela Park. The WPA built the park's water fountain and eight tennis courts in the 1930s. Other structures may have been built at that time too--more documentation is needed. From an article in Inglewood Today: "Archibald Garner was also  commissioned to create the water fountain monument at the outcropping of the springs in then Centinela Park, now Vincent Park.  The fountain was originally designed to provide water for adults, children, and dogs... Garner chose granite for his sculpture.  It is made of chunks of stone of various sizes, placed irregularly to form a low column with a polished...
  • Grevillea Art Park - Inglewood CA
    The mural "History of Transportation" is 8 feet high and 240 feet long, composed of 60 panels. It is made of cast concrete and terrazzo paneled walls and is one of the last examples of petrachrome mosaic art (that is made up of tiny stones). It is the largest petrachrome mural in the world. The mural was created by artist Helen Lundeberg with the support of the WPA's Federal Art Project in 1939-42. Originally installed in the nearby Centinela Park, the mural was recently restored and moved to its current location at Grevillea Park. A series of metal plaques or "kiosks" at...
  • Inglewood High School - Fine Arts Building - Inglewood CA
    The fine arts building was reconstructed in 1936, including: removing brickwork to make the building more earthquake safe, installing new columns and beams to carry vertical loads, building a new fireproof starway, rearranging windows to bring in more light, updating the heating system. Most of the construction was done by CWA and SERA labor.
  • Oak Street School - Inglewood CA
    One story frame and stucco building partitioned into 8 classrooms and a cafeteria.
  • Post Office - Inglewood CA
    The Post Office in Inglewood CA was constructed by the Treasury Department in 1935. It was needed because of damage to the previous post office in the Long Beach earthquake of 1933 and cost $210,000 (Gnerre 2022) The design of this two-story building is Classical Moderne, with clean, square lines, flat roof tall window openings and a stucco finish. There are lovely bas-relief sculptures over the recessed front entrance and in the front window openings between stories.  There is a carved wooden mural inside. (see linked pages) New Deal era post offices were all built by the Treasury Department, never by the Works...
  • Post Office Bas-Reliefs (Exterior) - Inglewood CA
    Four plaster bas-reliefs, depicting a buffalo, bear, ram, and lion, decorate the exterior of the Inglewood CA main post office. They sit between the first and second floor windows of the front of the building. These sculptures were created by Gordon Newell and Sherry Peticolas in 1937 and funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts (not the arts programs of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), as sometimes thought). The artist and provenance of the abstract relief with an eagle over the entrance of the post office is unknown to us. The 1940 granite statue of the dog "Rex" in front of the...
  • Post Office Wood Bas-Relief (Interior) - Inglewood CA
    A mahogany wood bas-relief by Archibald Garner, entitled "Centinella Springs," frames a doorway inside the main post office in Inglewood CA.  It depicts early California settlers drawing water from a local spring. (Inglewood was briefly known as "Centinella" in the 19th century) The post office building was constructed in 1935 and Garner's relief was created in 1937 for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts (not the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and its arts programs, as sometimes thought).
  • Veterans Memorial Building - Inglewood CA
    This handsome brick building was constructed by the WPA in 1934 in Centinela Park (otherwise known as Vincent Park). Centinela Park also contains WPA tennis courts.