• Mallows Park Improvements - Claremont CA
    In 1935, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a clubhouse and tennis court at Mallows Park in Claremont, CA. The club house survives in near original condition; the tennis court has been updated over the years.
  • Post Office - Claremont CA
    The post office in Claremont, CA, was constructed by the federal Treasury Department between 1935 and 1936. The design is Spanish (or Mexican) Revival, which was very popular in Southern California at the time. Still in use today, the post office houses a New Deal mural by Milford Zornes (see linked project).
  • Post Office Mural - Claremont CA
    In 1937, Milford Zornes (assisted by George Biddle) painted an enormous oil-on-canvas mural, "California Landscape," in the Claremont, CA, post office. The mural was funded by the Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP). The 58' x 3'4" mural wraps around all four walls of the lobby. "There are clusters of trees, people walking along a road, a farmer leading two plough horses, and a couple in Mexican finery dancing. Bridges Auditorium, meant to represent Pomona College and the importance of higher education, is also portrayed" (Dunitz, p. 343). Zornes was an Oklahoma-born watercolorist for whom Western landscapes were a favorite subject. He also...
  • Post Office Sculpture - Claremont CA
    A carved wood sculpture entitled "Eagle" by sculptor and film actor Stuart Holmes was installed at the post office in Claremont, CA. It is unclear when the sculpture was completed and whether it was funded by the Treasury Relief Arts Program (TRAP) or the Section of Fine Arts. Unfortunately, this sculpture is now missing. Note: TRAP (1935-1939) was the smallest of the programs to hire unemployed artists to create public artworks. The Section of Fine Arts (1939-1943) succeeded the Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture (1934-1938) and the Treasury Section of Fine Arts (1938-1939) in overseeing artworks created to enhance public...