• City Hall (Demolished) - Casa Grande AZ
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a City Hall in Casa Grande AZ. The building also housed the Police and Fire Departments. The facade was finished with plaster and featured Art Deco style elements, such as the vertical, low relief decoration marking the entrance. This structure was demolished c. 1980 and replaced by the building currently housing the Chamber of Commerce.  The Casa Grande City Hall is now housed in the former Casa Grande Union High School building, built before the New Deal.
  • High School Gymnasium (Demolished) - Casa Grande AZ
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built an adobe gymnasium for the former Casa Grande High School.  That gym was torn down in the 1990s when the high school was repurposed as the current City Hall and a new high school was built at a different site. The WPA also built a city hall for Casa Grande, now demolished.  It is possible that the gym was paid for by the Public Works Administration (PWA), not the WPA; but we do not have definitive evidence of that.