The CCC at Blue Hills Reservation, Massachusetts

Built by the CCC

Eliot Tower at Blue Hills MA-Kevin Gillis
Built by the CCC
Photo Credit: Kevin Gillis

Kevin Gillis, a student at University of Massachusetts-Amherst, recently discovered that his grandfather worked as a CCC boy in the Blue Hills Camp near Boston, building trails in what is one of the Boston area’s most popular parks.  He also found that there is a woeful absence of signage indicating the presence of the  Civilian Conservation Corps in Blue Hills Reservation. Here is Kevin’s report, sent to us by Sam Redman, our New England Research Director.   CCC Camp Blue Hills


Richard A Walker is the director of the Living New Deal.

One comment on “The CCC at Blue Hills Reservation, Massachusetts

  1. Andrew Laverdiere

    Yahoo! What a great follow up report, photo and a worthwhile endevour to consider. I ran across this project a while back while looking for New Deal projects in my home state of Maine. Like Mr. Gillis, I’m discovering numerous CCC projects in the Angeles National Forest next to Los Angeles, but almost no documentation exists online and its pretty likely that physical markers are in short supply. I’d love to have the resources to be able to go and set up info kiosks with small statues of FDR and Hopkins, two handicapped men who, ironically, got the nation working again.

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