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Hear from the Living New Deal on Race and the New Deal

Here you will find video and audio talks and interviews with Living New Deal advisors and staff who speak to the benefits and failures of the New Deal in its dealings with America’s racialized minorities.

Our Spoken Views on the New Deal and Race

Here is one example. Please see our section, “Staff Talks“, for more videos and audio recordings.

The Living New Deal—Kathakar podcast episode 15

Richard Walker, Director of the Living New Deal Project and Professor Emeritus of Geography from the University of California Berkeley speaks about the Living New Deal with Kathakar, a student-led podcast focused on discussing and dissecting impactful turning points in history.

FDR, Race, and the New Deal with Richard Walker

This is Revolution’s Jason and Pascal speak with Professor Richard Walker about FDR, Race, and the New Deal.

Non-Boring History Interview with Richard Walker, Director, Living New Deal

Annette Laing interviews Dr. Richard Walker, Professor Emeritus of Geography, UC Berkeley, and Director, The Living New Deal. With a team of volunteers across the nation, Dr. Walker documents New Deal buildings, bridges, roads, and even sewer systems that were created under FDR’s New Deal, and are still in use today. The continuing impact of this massive program of public investment in infrastructure is astonishing.


Living New Deal advisor Touré Reed speaks on the theme, “Neoliberals & The Right Don’t Understand The New Deal,” on The Michael Brooks Show

Living New Deal. Still Working.