The Living New Deal Hits a Major Milestone: 10,000 New Deal Sites Mapped!

10,000 sites. Find your favorite!

10,000 sites. Find your favorite!

The Living New Deal project has been snowballing: More people are finding us, signing up for our newsletter, and volunteering to assist in the crowdsourcing of New Deal buildings, parks, artworks and all the rest.

Our thanks to all of you for your support and help over the years: collecting, chronicling, correcting and cheering us on.

Now, on to the next 10,000!


And keep your eyes on the Living New Deal website to see new features appearing this summer:

  • A greatly expanded New Deal film page
  • More pages focused on individual states
  • A new set of briefs on every New Deal program
  • An Advanced Search function
  • A redesigned Home Page


Gabriel Milner is Project Manager for The Living New Deal. He is a trained cultural historian who teaches courses in U.S. History at the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University.

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