Table of New Deal Projects in New York City

By Frank da Cruz, Kermit Project

This is an attempt to list all the tangible New Deal contributions to New York City:  bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, schools, public buidings, housing, parks, playgrounds, pools, beaches, marinas, piers, art, and other creations that can be seen and touched (if they still exist). Best viewed on a wide screeen.  Bear in mind, these are only the New Deal projects that have been found in the very spotty historical record so far; the actual New Deal contribution is much greater. To illustrate: the FY 1938-39 WPA Summary Report notes that in New York City in those twelve months alone, the WPA did an almost inconceivable amount of work; see the summary at the end of the report, which does not reflect work done or paid for by other New Deal agencies such as PWA, NYA, or USHA. See the project here.

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  1. The table is here:

    It is updated as new sites are discovered.

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