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  • Pacific Coast Highway - Long Beach CA
    A half mile section of the Pacific Coast Highway between Loma Avenue and Hathaway Avenue in Long Beach, CA, was graded and paved under a federal grant of $60,500 in 1935. At the time, it was known as State Street.
  • Roadside Park - Arkadelphia AR
    A roadside park near Arkadelphia, was constructed fall, 1936 as NYA Proj. 2777-Y-10. The exact location and current status of the park are unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • National Zoo: Harvard Street Entrance - Washington DC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved Harvard St. around the entrance to the National Zoo in 1935-36.
  • Pacific Coast Highway Widening - Summerland CA
    The March 1934 issue of California Highway and Public Works reported on the widening of the Pacific Coast Highway (now US 101) at Ortega Hill near Summerland CA in Santa Barbara County: "In Santa Barbara County on the Coast Highway between Summerland and Sheffield Drive, locally known as Ortega Hill, the 30 foot pavement is being widened for a distance of 0.6 of a mile with a 10 foot cement concrete pavement strip on a 56 foot roadbed. This project comes under the provisions of the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933. It is expected the work will be completed in...
  • Aspen Grove Camp Improvements - Mount Timpanogos UT
    In 1933-34, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) made improvements at the Aspen Grove Family Camp owned by Brigham Young University. The Aspen Grove camp was established after land was donated to Brigham Young University in 1921 and BYU started an Alpine Summer Camp there in 1922. (https://aspen.byu.edu) Working with BYU, the CCC enrollees planted lawns and installed 5,000 feet of pipe for a new sprinkling system, plus adding parking spaces, stoves, campsites and a new trail (Baldridge, p. 309). The CCC enrollees worked out of Camp F-5 at Granite Flat (Baldridge, p. 309).  The exact location and survival of these improvements is unknown...
  • Burnham Park Pool - Morristown NJ
    A local newspaper reported that, “Sixty Morristown and ten Morris Township men went to work this morning on placing a rock bottom in Burnham Park swimming pool. This was one of two federal-aid projects approved for immediate start here in order to give unemployed work….Forty of the men are at Brookside Reservoir racking up the rock with which the bottom of the pool will be rip-rapped and 30 at Burnham Pool preparing it for the fill. It was at first hoped to be able to construct a concrete bottom but as this would involve too much material and not enough...
  • Street Paving - Butte MT
    The New Deal funded a large Street paving project in Butte, Montana in 1938 (possibly extending into 1939). More than 35 miles of streets, "representing virtually every important thoroughfare in Butte and its immediate vicinity," were  paved, representing the "largest street improvement undertaking in the history of Butte." (Big Timber Pioneer). The federal government provided approximately $2,500,000 for the project, a very large sum at the time. The money almost surely came through the Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) to the state highway department.  The Public Works Administration (PWA) may have contributed, as well.  Some 3,700 WPA workers were employed on the project,...
  • Landscaping, Montana Tech University - Butte MT
    Montana's Big Timber Pioneer newspaper reported in 1938 that 40 WPA laborers were "doing a $40,000 job of tree painting, landscaping, road oiling, leveling and general beautification" at what was then known as the Montana School of Mines, now Montana Tech of the University of Montana. Most evidence of such renovations is long gone, but one rock wall we observed looks suspiciously like WPA work. WPA employment was vital to the welfare of unemployed miners around Butte, Montana during the Great Depression.
  • Silver Bow County Road Improvements - Butte MT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) did extensive road improvement around Silver Bow County Montana in 1938 (and probably into 1939). WPA employment was vital to the many jobless miners in Butte area. Montana's Big Timber Pioneer newspaper reported in May 1938:"WPA authorities approved a $428,640 improvement project for Silver Bow county roads, streets and bridges... The project will improve 152 miles of county highways." In September, the same newspaper reported that the WPA had allocated $1,102,751 for such projects during August 1938. An estimated 500 WPA laborers were employed on this project.
  • Recreation Areas - Butte MT
    Montana's Big Timber Pioneer newspaper reported in early 1937 that several National Youth Administration (NYA) recreation projects had recently been completed around Butte:  "winter sports area at Robbers' Roost, four tennis courts which will be ready for use the next spring, 44 regulation horseshoe courts and three playground areas."
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