Philip H Willkie

My grandfather was Wendell Willkie(WLW). I grew up in a political laboratory. From the earliest age my father Philip, the only child of WLW talked endlessly about Joseph McCarthy & Roy Cohen,
who were destroying America. Dad was an anti communist but he was adamant about these bad characters slandering & destroying peoples lives. He thought WLW would have been the chief opponent to McCarthy. WLW died in 1944 at the age of 52. WLW successfully defended William Schneiderman ,the secretary of the California Communist Party against deportation before the Supreme Court in 1942. Afterwards Harry Bridges said “Willkie would rather be right than be President”.
Later in 1942 FDR sent WLW on a world tour to three fronts of the war to North Africa, meeting Charles De Gaulle, Moscow to meet Joseph Stalin & Peking to meet Chiang Kai-Shek. Along the way stopped in Cairo, Teheran, Jerusalem, Beirut, and Bagdad. In ” One World” wrote of the the middle east “these newly awakened people will be followers of some extreme leader….if their new hunger for education and opportunity…is not met by their own rulers.” One World was a vision for world peace, insights are still relevant today 70 years later. FDR & Willkie were allies in the larger scheme of fighting for peace and freedom.

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