Madilane Perry, Washnington

Daughter of former CCC, WPA, and NYA workers

My parents and my stepfather were participants in various New Deal programs but my father was the most active. He was enrolled in the CCC, worked for the NYA and helped to build Grand Coulee Dam. After that he went into the Navy, he became a Sea Bee and island-hopped through the Pacific with the 3rd Division USMC. After the war, he went to law school on the GI Bill and worked for many years in the only PWA funded county courthouse in the state of Washington. I used to tell him in his later years that if he was a structure rather than a human I’d have had him on the National Register years ago.

Speaking of the courthouse, I just got word that my National Register nomination for the building has been accepted. May I just send you the whole thing, please, rather than sending in yet another form? I can do it either on a disc or as hard copy.

About those other family members: Mom was a student, junior instructor and model at the WPA Art Center in Spokane and my stepdad was in the CCC. I think I still have an ax head of his, stamped with a “WPA” inscription.

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