Douglas State Forest – Douglas MA

From the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs: “CCC features at Douglas include a picnic pavilion, administration building, stone culverts and well maintained water holes.”

Duncan School – Duncan OK

“The Public Works Administration, one of the New Deal programs, was a large-scale construction effort which built dams, bridges, hospitals and schools. The Duncan Senior High School was PWA Project No. 8458 and was constructed in 1936. Facing 9th Street,… read more

Eagle Creek Campground and Picnic Area – Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

Landscaped Pathways at Eagle Creek Campground

Although the Eagle Creek Campground opened as the first “auto camp” in the northwest region in 1915, Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) workers made significant improvements to the campground from 1934 to 1937. As early as August 1934, the Oregonian reported that “Eagle… read more

Eagle Creek Overlook Group Site – Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

Eagle Creek Overlook Shelter from west

In 1937, CCC workers from Camp Cascade Locks began improvements on recently acquired park land to extend the Eagle Creek campground and picnic area to the shores of the Columbia. These twenty-one acres were acquired to provide access to land… read more