White Narrows Site, Dam No. 1 and 2 – Moapa Indian Reservation NV

White-Narrows Dam No. 1 and 2, NV

The main purpose of these dams (and others) on the Muddy River is flood control and protection of downstream decreed agricultural land owned by the Moapa Indian Reservation and/or private water users in Moapa Valley. The White Narrows Dam No…. read more

William K. Nakamura Federal Courthouse – Seattle WA

Federal Courthouse - Seattle WA

The Treasury Department funded the construction of the Seattle federal courthouse, which was the first single-purpose federal courthouse on the west coast.  The project was originated in 1936 by the department’s Procurement Division and completed in 1940, by which time… read more

Williams Ranger Station – Kaibab National Forest AZ

Williams ranger station residence #1 - Kaibab National Forest AZ

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed the original ranger station at Williams AZ.  A new main ranger station building and other structures have been added, but two CCC residences and barn/garage are still there (we are uncertain about the status… read more