Mississippi River: Levee Improvements – Greenville MS

Mississippi utilized a number of federal work relief and infrastructure opportunities to repair, improve, and construct the levee system at various locations along the Mississippi River from Gunnison in Bolivar county south through Greenville in Washington county to Fitler in… read more

Moran State Park: General Development – Olga WA

Moran State Park: Mountain Lake - Olga WA

Moran State Park was created in 1921 when Robert Moran, shipbuilder and former mayor of Seattle, donated more than 2,700-acres to the state for a park. Like many state parks at the time, it was not well developed for public… read more

Municipal Public Works Garage Industrial District (former) – Nashville TN

Former municipal garage - Nashville TN

The former Municipal Public Works Garage Industrial District is comprised of six single-story, brick buildings built c. 1940. The garages are on the west bank of the Cumberland River, in Nashville. Buildings 1 through 4 run lengthwise northwest to southeast… read more

Oakland Airport (North Field): Administration Building Expansion – Oakland CA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) modernized and expanded the administration building at the original Oakland Municipal Airport (now the North Field of Oakland International Airport). The project was sponsored by the Port of Oakland and cost $70,000. The work added… read more