Statement of Coalition to Protect Public Art on proposed new SF Board of Education Resolution Regarding SF Washington High School Murals

For Immediate Release:  August 9, 2019
Contact:  Jon Golinger, (415) 531-8585

Statement of Jon Golinger, Executive Director of the Coalition to Protect Public Art, on the proposed new SF Board of Education Resolution Regarding the 
SF Washington High School Murals 

Friday, August 9, 2019 If this proposal is adopted at Tuesday’s Board meeting as proposed, we will applaud the decision by the School Board not to proceed with the destruction of these unique and historic murals.  It will be a positive step forward for the School Board to recognize that irreversibly destroying this important work of public art is the wrong course of action.  While we are open to a wide range of reasonable options to address the concerns that have been raised, we will continue to oppose putting up an impenetrable barrier that blocks anyone from ever seeing these important works of art.  It’s critical that any solution include a way for the murals to be made available for students, teachers, and others to view them for educational purposes.  We also are ready to work with the School Board to support the creation of new murals from different perspectives and to develop an educational curriculum and materials that will put these historic murals in context and use them for educational purposes.  We look forward to participating in cooperatively creating that result.
See the proposed resolution at:

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