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  • School (former) - Bunger TX
    Bunger school was PWA project W1255. Construction was started February 17, 1936 and completed June 3, 1936 for a total cost of $11,853. Bid was awarded to Mont Groves of Olney. The former school is rock veneer. Voelcker & Dixon were architects. The building is currently undergoing renovation, apparently for use as a residence.
  • School - Good Hope MS
    The Good Hope community in Leake County was awarded a $9,816 grant and a $12,000 loan through the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. Project W1062 was approved November 14, 1935. Construction started May 13, 1936 and was completed January 15, 1937 at a cost of $21, 816.
  • Hospital Annex (former) - Greenwood MS
    A 2-story rear annex was constructed for the Greenwood Leflore Hospital as project W1134. A $15,827 grant was awarded Dec. 14, 1935 toward an estimated cost of $35,171. Construction began Feb. 2, 1936 and was completed Sep. 3, 1936. Construction was by M. T. Reed Construction of Belzoni and R. J. Moor was architect.
  • Union High School - Junction City OR
    Public Works Administration (PWA) funded the construction of the Union High School in Junction City OR. Excerpt from "A History of Junction City High School": "In 1934 because the Federal Government was offering Public Works Administration (PWA) grants for consolidation of school districts, the timing was good to merge. In Junction City’s circumstance, the PWA grant would pay for 45% of the $50,000 needed for a new high school. The board organized a bond election on August 10, 1936 to raise funds for the remaining money needed to build and equip the high school. In the fall of 1937, Junction City...
  • Fair Park - Dallas TX
    Fair Park was expanded by New Deal agencies WPA, CCC, and PWA in 1936. The Dallas City Commission is considering to privatize Fair Park in 2018.
  • George Wilson Community Center (closed) - Selma AL
    The history of this building is tied very closely with the two people involved in the passage of the most significant legislation of the Civil Rights Movement, the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Samuel Boynton, and Amelia Pitts Boynton Robinson. Samuel Boynton, Charles J. Adams, and others successfully lobbied the federal government for some New Deal money to be used to build a community center in Selma. Boynton had advocated for years for a public restroom facility for African Americans near downtown Selma. Jim Crow laws prevented African Americans from using any of the store facilities including restrooms, lunch counters, and other...
  • Rock Safety Walls - Feather River Canyon CA
    Three tunnels were built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) along the Feather River Highway in northeast California.  The tunnels were the final pieces in the construction of the Feather River highway (highway 70)  by the State of California (1928-37). The tunnels were blasted through solid granite in and around Grizzly Dome and some of the removed stone was used for rock safety walls along the highway north and south of the tunnels.  It is impossible to determine which walls were constructed by WPA workers and which might have been built earlier by California state highway workers.
  • Market Street Fields Bleachers - Troy OH
    According to the Troy Daily News, the Works Progress Administration constructed concrete bleachers for football seating at Troy's athletic park.
  • Cambria Union Grammar School - Cambria CA
    Cambria Union Grammar School was funded by the Public Works Administration and built between 1936 and 1937. The structure presently houses a public art gallery space, but is owned by the local district. There are no plaques regarding this construction project. The style is Mission Revival.
  • Carmel Mission Roof Renovation - Carmel CA
    The Carmel Mission chapel roof was rebuilt in 1936 by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) craftsmen to enable the roof to be covered in clay tile. This was a correction to a restoration performed in 1882. The full name of Carmel Mission is Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rio Carmelo.  It was established by Father Junipero Serra and his Franciscans monks leading the Spanish settlement of Alta California.  He is buried here.  At the time of the beatification of Father Serra in 2015, there were many protests at the mission.
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