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  • Fraternity and Sorority Houses (former) - University MS
    The University of Mississippi made application to the Public Works Administration September 7, 1935 for grants to help construct five fraternity houses and two sorority houses. Funds in the amount of $2,000 for each structure were requested from PWA, and the university would fund the remaining $3,000 per building.The university requested $45,454 for fraternity and sorority houses according to a separate Clarion-Ledger article.Architects began drawing up plans for the first of ten sorority and fraternity houses, and the establishment of “fraternity row” after being notified funds had been obtained reported architect E. L. Malvaney. Work was ordered to begin on...
  • Athletic Field - Antioch CA
    The Works Progress Administration accomplished work on the athletic field and recreational center for the former High School and Grammar school, now the Antioch Middle School and Fremont Elementary School. WPA Project No. 165-3-3518, App. Date 10-6-36, $6,970, Total Funds $17,088, Average employed 45, "Construct athletic fields and recreational facilities on the Antioch High and Grammar School grounds in Antioch, Contra Costa County. Antioch Live Oak School District owned property." WPA Project No. 165-3-5518, App. Date 5-13-37, $2,401, Total Funds $4,218, Average Employed 14, Federal Man-hours 4,161, "Construct athletic fields and recreational facilities on the Antioch High and Grammar School grounds in...
  • Municipal Pool - Corcoran CA
    WPA Project No. 165-3-3546, App. Date 10-30-36, $5,583, Total Funds $7,498, Average Employed 28, "Construct swimming pool dressing rooms, lighting system, fence and work incidental thereto at the City Park in Corcoran, Kings County. City owned property."
  • National Maritime Historical Park: Blue Room - San Francisco CA
    The Blue Room is one of the original dining areas in the San Francisco Aquatic Park bathhouse,  constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The building is now the visitors center for the National Maritime Historical Park. The building architects were William Mooser Jr and William Mooser III. The painting and murals were paid for by the Federal Art Project (FAP) and done under the supervision of Hilaire Hiler, lead artist for the entire building's artworks. Original drawings refer to this circular room on the eastern side of the second level as “restaurant.” There is no known record as to how it...
  • Wrights Lake Campground - El Dorado National Forest CA
    WPA Project No. 265-5-3000, App. Date 10/26/36, $8,295, Total Funds $10,733, Average Employed 56, Sponsor: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, (Forest Service), "Improve and repair public camp grounds, including the construction of a masonry dam at the outlet of Wrights Lake, building of fire places, cement bases for stoves, water and sanitation development, clearing of debris and general camp improvements. All in the El Dorado National Forest in El Dorado County. Federal owned property. Permission of proper Federal authority has been obtained. It is certified that the funds provided are sufficient for the completion of the projects. To take the place...
  • School (demolished) Improvements - Port Chicago CA
    WPA Project No. 65-3-4455, $3,800, App. Date 1-29-36. "Improvements to the Bay Pt. Schl." Port Chicago was renamed in 1931 after being called Bay Point since the late 19th century. Due to its proximity to the the Concord Naval weapons station loading docks, the town was bought up by the Navy and razed in 1969.
  • Rural Electrification Administration Substation - Carrollton GA
    Along Maple Street, Carrollton is the site of the first Rural Electrification Administration substation in Carroll County, Georgia.
  • WPA Center - Carrollton GA
    Carrollton, Georgie's historic City Gym building, now known as WPA Center, is a stone building located at the corner of North Cliff and Chandler Streets, overlooking Park (US 27). The building was constructed with Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor in 1937. Combination community center and gymnasium. According to the city, the facility is available for rentals: "There are now two offices and a small kitchen in the building plus a 90’x 52’ Reception Hall with a gas log fireplace. Banquet or Meeting capacity is 200, plus there is extra seating for 50 in the original bleachers on one side of the hall."
  • School Improvements - Farmhaven MS
    Unspecified school improvements were approved by WPA for the Farmhaven community school in 1936.
  • School and Vocational Teacher House - Coxburg MS
    Project W1204 was approved July 21, 1936 in the amount of a $20,000 loan and a $17,590 grant. Construction began October 12, and was completed December 29, 1937 for a total cost of $41,043. Robert William Naef was architect. Both buildings replaced the school and vocational teacher house destroyed by fire in 1935,
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