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  • Central High School Auditorium and Gymnasium - Vicksburg MS
    The addition of an auditorium and gymnasium, since demolished, was completed for the 1924 Central High School building, along with improvements to the athletic field and athletic building. Architects N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town designed the additions in 1936. Public Works Administration project 1148 was approved 7/21/1936 for $34,363 grant. Construction began 12/21/1936 and was completed 11/18/1937 for a total cost of $78,366.
  • Big Biloxi Recreational Area: DeSoto National Forest - Saucier MS
    A recreation area was constructed in the Biloxi Unit of the DeSoto National forest, including a bath house with water from an artesian well, and nine picnic areas with graveled paths. Tables, chairs and cooking pits were planned from brick or stone, and a picnic shed of “native materials” was under construction. The site was dedicated in June 1937. Located ¼ mile east of old Hwy 49 and 23 miles south of Wiggins, the site was constructed by camp 10, a CCC camp comprised of African Americans. The area cost approximately $14,000 and included the bath house with native cypress...
  • Auditorium/Elementary Building - Pachuta MS
    Penn Jeffries Krouse was the architect for the 1936 one-story school building constructed as Public Works Administration project 1153. A loan of $17,000 and grant of $13,909 was approved 9/25/1935 to construct and equip the school building. Construction began 4/6/1936, and was completed 10/24/1936 for a total of $30,926.
  • School Administration Building - Biggersville MS
    Public Works Administration project 1135 funded the Biggersville school administration building, attributed to Stevens and Johnson by MDAH. The project was approved 9/25/1935 for a $14,500 loan and a $11,863 grant. Construction began 2/10/1936 and was completed 7/8/1936 for a total of $29,050.
  • Electric Distribution Improvements - Okolona MS
    Okolona obtained electric power in 1935 through the Tennessee Valley Authority power plant at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Funding to extend the municipal power system into the surrounding rural area was approved by PWA 9/25/1935. Project 1139 for a loan of $21,000 and grant of $17,042 was begun 3/9/1936 and completed 2/25/1937 for a total of $38,860.
  • School (former) - Kiln MS
    A Works Progress Administration project employed 25 workers to construct a new concrete school building at Kiln in 1936. WPA financed $15,790 for the new school and to construct additional classrooms from salvaged lumber when the old school was demolished. Four years later, WPA project 50,086 allotted $17,709 to complete construction on the school building, and to add an auditorium. The building became a parochial school and following Hurricane Katrina, was renovated for use as a church by the Annunciation Parish.
  • Langston Terrace Dwellings: Olney Frieze and Sculpture - Washington DC
    Langston Terrace Dwellings, opened in 1938, was the first U.S. Government funded public housing project in Washington and the second in the nation.  Initial funding came from the Public Works Administration (PWA); later the U.S. Housing Authority stepped in to complete the job. The International Style complex was designed by African American architect Hilyard Robinson, a native Washingtonian. It embodies Robinson's belief in the ability of fine buildings and art to inspire and uplift residents. Langston Terrace is enhanced by its artworks. Daniel Olney's terra-cotta frieze, "The Progress of the Negro Race",  lines the central courtyard and chronicles African American history from enslavement...
  • County Jail - Yazoo City MS
    The Yazoo County Jail was constructed as PWA Mississippi project 1087 with funding of $20,450 toward the $35,000 cost. J. R. Flint Construction Company built the new jail south of the City Hall on South Washington Street. R. W. Naef was architect. Decatur Iron & Steel Company of Alabama were recommended to provide the ironwork for cell construction. The new brick building was described as "modern", escape proof and fire-proof, and had individual cells with lavatory, toilet, shower bath, "and a good bed" (Yazool jail is now occupied, 1937, p. 1). The jail was demolished in 1998.
  • High School (former) - Booneville MS
    The Booneville High School was damaged by the Tupelo tornado in 1936 and subsequently demolished. Stevens & Johnson designed a new building to be constructed on the old site on Fourth Street. R. B. Wall, Mississippi WPA deputy administrator announced the new Booneville High School building was the 118th WPA school construction project. The new $90,000 buff-colored brick building was dedicated in September 1938. The building was sold in 1993 following the construction of a new high school, and is used as a senior care facility.
  • National Guard Armory - Portsmouth VA
    WPA Constructed National Guard Armory, built in Portsmouth, VA. GIS gives a sale (completion?) date of December 5, 1936.
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