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  • Davie Tennis Stadium - Oakland CA and Piedmont CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) developed the Davie Tennis Stadium in 1936-37 with an allocation of $65,000.  WPA relief workers built five tennis courts, with lights for night play and bleachers for viewing,  plus a community center in rustic style  that has a WPA plaque in front.  Low stone walls circle the courts and run around the short entrance road; stone pillars flank the park gate.  The park opened to the public on September 1, 1937. The park lies within the city limits of Piedmont CA, itself entirely within the city limits of Oakland!  Piedmont residents opposed the park but Oakland built...
  • Dixie Pine Community Center - Hattiesburg MS
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a community center for the Dixie Pine community in 1936. Dixie Pine had 1000 residents and no public building for social activity. The center hosted many dances for the Camp Shelby soldiers through the WPA Recreation Project. The center was in use occasionally as a polling location for elections in 1977 when it was destroyed by fire.
  • School Improvements - Macedonia MS
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) employees dug a 1001 foot well for the Macedonia school when the former drinking supply was condemned by the health department.
  • Copiah-Lincoln Community College: Athletic Field - Wesson MS
    The Works Progress Administration provided employment for workers to construct an athletic field at the Copiah-Lincoln Junior College.
  • Lake Bogue Homa - Laurel MS
    Mississippi State Game and Fish Commission sponsored the Works Progress Administration to create a number of lakes for recreation purposes. Near Laurel, Lake Gates was approximately 1500 acres, fed by the Boguehoma Creek. The project began in 1936, and was completed in 1939. At some point by 1947, the name had been changed to Lake Bogue Homa. The lake remains an active fishing location and has been improved over the years.
  • Water Works System - Blue Mountain MS
    A water system was approved for Blue Mountain 07/21/1936 as PWA project W1005. A loan of $20,000 and grant of $16,363 was approved and bids advertised in September 1936. Contract was awarded 11/03/1936 to the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company and A. H. Beard of St. Louis was the engineer in charge. Using natural springs east of Blue Mountain to supply the water, it marked the first time in the community that standard fireplugs were installed. Construction began November 20th and was completed March 20, 1937 for a total of $36,743.
  • Porter Street NW Improvements - Washington DC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved a segment of Porter Street NW from Klingle Road to Connecticut Avenue. This was a “roadside beautification” project that likely involved the planting of shrubs for erosion control, and was described as follows: “This roadway carries a heavy rate of grade and after hard rains it was found that considerable dirt and debris were carried onto the surface of Klingle Road. Temporary sidewalk has been constructed for school children. This project was approximately 2,500 feet long.”  
  • Broad Branch Road NW Improvements - Washington DC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved a segment of Broad Branch Road NW, from Twenty-seventh Street to Grant Road. This was a “roadside beautification” project, described as follows: “Inspection of this project from time to time showed that, due to heavy rains, the banks on the branch side of this road were washing and scoring. So that in addition to seeding and shrubbery planting, numerous concrete spillways were constructed on the branch side of the roadway.”  
  • Thirty-fourth Street Improvements - Washington DC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved a segment of Thirty-fourth Street from Alabama Avenue to U Street. The WPA improved this road with recycled material and the “laying of a thin blanket of bituminous material.” It involved “approximately 4,500 square yards.”  
  • Montello Avenue Improvements - Washington DC
    In 1936-37, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved the District of Columbia property yard at Montello Avenue and Mount Olivet Road. The work consisted of road paving.  
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