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  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College: Harrison Hall - Perkinston MS
    Public Works Administration W1205 funded construction of a two-story brick Neo-Classical dormitory for what was then known as Harrison-Stone-Jackson Junior College. A loan of $64,000 and a grant of $52,364 toward the total estimated cost of $116,364 was approved 8/26/1936. Construction began 3/16/1937 and was completed 3/24/1938 at a total cost of $117,473. Architect was Vinson B. Smith, Jr. and the builder/contractor was Newton & Schmoll. It contains 62 rooms and was the only major structure built on the campus during the Great Depression. Historic renovations were made in 1974, and renovations and remodeling for a board room addition was...
  • Municipal Water System Pumping Station - Nettleton MS
    The Municipal Water System Pumping Station is located at the corner of E. Main (MS 6) and Elliott Avenue at 34.089206, -88.621181. The small brick building is marked with a Public Works Administration dedication plaque. Concrete holding tanks remain at the rear of the building, but are not in use. The water tower (next to the pumping station) was fabricated by Taylor Iron Works. Consulting engineers were Totten & Loving and the builder/contractor was Blair, Algernon, Construction Company. The project Miss.1081 was supported by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works with a loan of $37,000 and grant of $30,272....
  • McLoughlin Promenade's Singer Hill Creek Falls - Oregon City OR
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers began construction of the Singer Hill Creek Falls landscape feature in May 1936. Oregon City manager J L Franzen designed the series of five waterfalls as part of improvements to the McLoughlin Promenade. WPA funding was $2500 for the combined waterfall project and the Promenade Staircase. Dropping from the Oregon City bluff at Eighth Street, Singer Creek falls into a series of twenty foot wide pools. Four of the pools create a ten foot drop while the fifth drops twelve feet. WPA masons used stone quarried locally encased in cement to create the park's water feature. This...
  • Recorder of Deeds Building: Portraits - Washington DC
    In 1936, three WPA artists—Henry Wadsworth Moore, Velma Buckner, and Alan Flavelle—painted portraits of 11 former Washington, DC Recorders of Deeds, for placement in the Recorders’ office space at 412 D Street NW.  When the new Recorder of Deeds Building was constructed in 1941-1943, at 515 D Street NW (and funded by the New Deal’s Public Works Administration), the portraits were moved there. The current location(s) of these portraits is unknown to the Living New Deal, but they could still be in the 515 D Street NW building (the building has been closed to the public for many years, after the...
  • City Hall Repairs and New Jail Annex - Biloxi MS
    The jail annex and repairs to the city hall including beautifying and landscaping of city streets in addition to the construction of a 35 x 35 one-story jail annex. W. P. No. 1046 was started 02/01/1936 and completed 07/04/1937 for a total cost of $25,913.19 including payroll, material, and equipment. The federal funds provided$22,105.97 and the City of Biloxi as sponsor provided $3,807.22. The city hall repairs included modernization of offices. The landscaping included West Beach improvement and Central Beach Promenade. The building is no longer extant.
  • Post Office - Madison FL
    The historic post office in Madison, Florida was constructed in 1936 with Treasury Department funds. The building, which houses an example of New Deal artwork, is still in service.
  • Palisades Interstate Park: Undercliff Picnic Area - Englewood Cliffs
    The Civilian Conservation Corps built the picnic area on Henry Hudson Drive near the Hudson River in the Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey.    
  • Highland Cemetery Entrance - Lawton OK
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Highland Cemetery Entrance in Lawton OK. Contributor note: Highland Cemetery, located on NW Fort Sill Blvd. in northeastern Lawton is a large cemetery with over 20,000 burials. The entrance faces west and consists of a randomly laid native stone arch. A granite plaque above the arch reads "HIGHLAND CEMETERY" and above that a small stone reads "WPA". At the top of each of the two stone pillars supporting the arch is the date: "19" and "36".
  • Kiowa County Jail - Hobart OK
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Kiowa County Jail in Hobart, OK. Contributor note: "he Kiowa County Jail is still in operation as a jail, and also houses the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office. It was built in 1905 and is a two story brick building, with an exposed basement. The windows are multi-paned casement units, with the windows at the rear having arches. The building is a Contributing Building to the Hobart Historic Business District (Property No. 13). In 1936, a $15,506 appropriation was made for refurbishing of the jail. The building was renovated and enlarged. Originally the building was styled as...
  • V Street Houses - Washington DC
    The Alley Dwelling Authority (ADA) funded the construction of the V Street Houses in Washington DC between 1936 and 1938. It appears that the V Street Houses no longer exist. They were described as being constructed “in the square directly west of that containing the Williston Apartments” (National Capital Housing Authority report, 1945). Today, however, that area contains houses and apartments that are part of the larger Kelly Miller housing complex. (Note: It is possible that some of the V Street Houses still exist, in modified form, as part of the Kelly Miller townhomes . More research, and a possible on-site evaluation, would probably...
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