• Post Office - Attica NY
    The historic post office building in Attica, new York was "designed and built in 1936-1937 ... by the Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department, Louis A. Simon. It is a one story brick structure on a stone watertable in the Colonial Revival style. The interior includes a mural painted in 1938 by Thomas Donnelly and titled 'Fall in the Genesee Country.'"
  • Coopers Rock State Forest - Bruceton Mills WV
    The West Virginia Department of Commerce writes: “The forest and its amenities are directly attributable to the development CCC Camp Rhododendron, formerly Camp Preston. A priority for the forest was fire fighting and wildlife food plots to increase hunting and thus, increase state revenues from hunters. The construction work at Cooper’s Rock began in May 1936 with some road and trail development. By the spring of 1937 the men were at work on the permanent structures in the Main Overlook area. The camp was occupied for a total of five years and their projects included road and trail development, picnic shelters,...
  • Highbridge Park Pool - New York NY
    NYC Parks describes the WPA's role in developing the Highbridge Pool: "The Highbridge Pool and Recreation Center were built in 1936. The pool was the fifth of eleven city pools built with labor supplied by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA). It opened during the hot summer of 1936, leading Fortune magazine to dub 1936 “the swimming pool year.”" In July 1937, Parks announced the further completion of "a new brick building, with copper roof...   be used as a concession stand to serve spectators and bathers at the swimming pool."
  • Post Office - Troy NY
    The historic post office building in Tonawanda, New York was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1936-8. The building, which houses New Deal artwork, is still in use today.
  • Cooper Station Post Office - New York NY
    The historic Cooper Station post office in New York, New York (originally known as Station 'D') was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds between 1936 and 1937. The building is still in use today.
  • Brooklyn College: Library Murals - Brooklyn NY
    Brooklyn College Library contains two WPA Federal Arts Project murals entitled "Famous Libraries of the World" painted by Olindo Mario Ricci in 1936-1939. A plaque on the wall near the murals reads: "Gracing the Library's grandest reading room are murals of two of the ancient world's greatest libraries: Egypt's Alexandrian Library and Rome's Augustan Library. Muralist Olindo Maria Ricci wanted students to 'feel as if they are in the company of the greats as they read the classics' and thus included many illustrious figures, including the mathematician Euclid and the poet Virgil.  Ricci began the murals as a WPA artist and completed them...
  • Southport Beach House - Kenosha WI
    From the Wisconsin Historical Society entry on the beach house: Southport Beach House, like most of Kenosha's park structures, was the product of Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration (WPA). The Southport Beach House, begun in 1936, used recycled materials to cut costs. This way, rather than paying for new materials, the city paid workers to tear down condemned buildings as well as build new ones. The beach house uses luxurious slate, stone and marble materials salvaged from the old Kenosha post office, which would have been otherwise unaffordable. The beach house is an eclectic mix of popular architectural styles. The east side combines Tudor...
  • Post Office (former) - Tuscumbia AL
    Built in 1936 with Treasury funding. The former post office is now the Tuscumbia City Hall and Municipal Court.
  • Lake Shore Drive - Chicago IL
    The New Deal helped with the progress of Lake Shore Drive, both the Works Progress Administration and the Public Works Administration providing funding. These administrations’ assistance led to the completion of Lake Shore Drive from Foster Avenue to Jackson Park and led to the related projects of the Outer Drive Bridge and the State Street subway. In 1936, the PWA was granted $893,250 to put towards five public works projects. Some of that money went towards improving Lake Shore Drive between North Avenue and Ohio Street and Belmont Avenue and Byron Street. In 1939, the WPA put $1,250,000 into a...
  • Wesley United Church Education Center (Old Post Office) Mural - Dover DE
    A set of several panels painted by William D. White in 1937 entitled "Harvest, Spring and Summer." The murals were funded by TRAP for what was then the Dover DE post office and is now the Wesley United Church Education Center. From the September 9, 1936 edition of the Sunday Star: “The saga of the life and industries of Kent County is depicted in the mural being prepared for the Dover Post Office by William D. White, of Carcroft, near Wilmington. “Mr. White is one of the many artists throughout the nation contributing his talent towards the decoration of post office buildings,working for...