Skyline/Grizzly Peak Boulevard – Berkeley CA and Oakland CA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built Skyline Boulevard along the crest of the Berkeley-Oakland Hills in 1935-36. It employed around 1500 men daily and cost $131,000.  The work described in photographs in the National Archives as “realignment, cleaning [land]slides, drainage structures… read more

Temescal Regional Recreation Area: Improvements – Oakland CA

North entrance sign, Temescal Regional Park - Oakland CA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved Lake Temescal Park, now known as Temescal Regional Recreation Area, one of the original units of the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD). When the EBRPD was created in 1934, the Civilian Conservation Corps… read more

Balboa Park: Club Murals – San Diego CA

Belle Baranceanu was painted two oil on canvas murals at Balboa Park in 1935, paid for with federal funding:  “Progress of Man” and “Education and Culture”.  She rushed to complete the later for the 1935-1936 California Pacific International Exposition and… read more