McMillan Playground Improvements – Washington DC

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded improvements at the McMillan Playground in Washington DC. Completed between 1935 and 1938, the work consisted of “Fencing (2,400 feet, 8-foot); completed installation of drainage system.” The WPA completed… read more

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park Improvements – Oakland CA

The East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) was formed in 1934 and acquired land for parks from the East Bay Municipal Water District in 1936.  The first parks were Tilden, Sibley, Temescal and Redwood in the East Bay Hills behind… read more

Palisades Interstate Park: Bloomer’s Beach Bathhouse and Refreshment Stand – Englewood Cliffs NJ

The Civil Works Administration built the Bloomer’s Beach Bathhouse and Refreshment Stand in the Palisades Interstate Park in Englewood Cliffs NJ. The Palisades Interstate Park Bathhouse served swimmers in the Hudson River until swimming at the beach was terminated during World… read more