CCC Camp Wyeth / Cascade Locks (former) – Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

CCC Wygant Park, Side Camp at Wyeth OR - Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

Located approximately five to seven miles east of Cascade Locks, CCC Camp Wyeth/Cascade Locks (Camp F-7) was one of the longest operating Civilian Conservation Corps camps in the Columbia River Gorge. The US Forest Service’s Wyeth Campground currently operates on… read more

Petersburg National Battlefield Development – Petersburg VA

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted numerous projects at what is now Petersburg National Battlefield, as detailed in Wallace and Conway’s “A History of Petersburg National Battlefield,” developing infrastructure, creating illustrations for the museum, and… read more

CCC Camp NHP-1 (former) – Yorktown VA

Members of CCC Company 352 at Camp NHP-1 - Yorktown VA

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp NHP-1 was created at Yorktown, Virginia, for the purpose of developing the Colonial National Historical Park (Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown Battlefield, Colonial Parkway). Camp NHP-1 housed CCC Company 352, which had been formed at Fort Monroe, Virginia, on… read more