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How to Navigate

There are several ways to move through this website: menus, buttons, links and scrolling. It’s simple once you get the hang of it.

The first thing you see is the HOME PAGE, which features the most current information. You can return to it from any other page by clicking “Living New Deal” in the top banner.

At the top of every page is a blue MENU stripe containing the titles of all the major sections of the site: About Us, New Deal Sites, The New Deal, Resources, News, Press & Events, Get Involved and Donate.

Click on any MENU TITLE to go to that section. Pull down any MENU TITLE for a list of subsections and click to go the section of your choice. Every section has many pages.

Below the menu stripe is a large BANNER with images; click on any of those to go to featured content, such as the National Map, the Green New Deal or What Was the New Deal?

Scroll down the HOME PAGE to view its four sections: New Deal Map, New Deal News, New Deal Resources and Get Involved. The first features recent additions to our National Map; the second shows recent News items; the third has buttons to key Resources; the fourth highlights Events, Comments and ways to help out.

A SEARCH icon is found in the upper right corner of every page; it allows Keyword Searches (multiple words OK) and an Advanced Search of New Deal sites.

Throughout the Home Page you will find BUTTONS and LINKS to click if you want to go to specific sections for more information, sign up for our mailing list or volunteer information.

Content by Section

About Us: The Living New Deal works to maintain the legacy of the New Deal, educate Americans about the benefits of good government, and promote the ideas and ideals of the New Deal for public policy today. You can find information about our mission, our boards and team, and the history of the Living New Deal project.

New Deal Sites: Our goal is to document the hundred thousand plus New Deal public works sites, such as city halls, schools and parks, and map them for everyone to see. They appear as dots on our National Map, which is easily navigated and searched. Click a dot to find what’s at that site; click again for a full description and photographs. You can also find pages on individual states, lists of projects by state and city, and maps of New York City and San Francisco.

The New Deal: We provide a wealth of historical information about the New Deal – the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933-1942. There are summaries of over 60 New Deal laws & programs; a New Deal timeline; sketches of New Dealers; briefs on the New Deal’s economic; essays on the New Deal’s policies for disadvantaged Americans; and photographic essays on working together and the good feelings of participants in the New Deal.

Resources: We have many resources available for students, teachers and families: New Deal bibliographies and book reviews; videos and audios about the New Deal; films from the New Deal era; personal stories of the New Deal; links to other New Deal websites; and more.

News: We post news on past and current affairs relating to the New Deal. Some are historical, like Discoveries of lost art; some are present-day, like fights to preserve New Deal sites; some are about the future, like debates over the Green New Deal. Our monthly Fireside has in-depth articles. You can sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Press & Events: There is a calendar of Living New Deal events, such as conferences, art exhibits and lectures, and other events of interest around the country. The Living New Deal and its staff are often featured in newspapers, on radio or in videos, as shown on the Press section and New Deal Speaks section. The monthly Lowdown provides updates on our activities.

Get Involved: We are a public education and participation project. Our National Map is crowd-sourced by volunteers across the country. Many news and events items are submitted by our followers. We run on donations offered by people around the nation. You can sign up for our mailing list, submit New Deal sites, tell your New Deal story, comment on the News and more.

Get In Touch: You can find our contact information at the bottom of any page and more information about our Boards, our Team and our National Associates in the “About Us” section.