• La Puente High School – La Puente CA

    The WPA demolished and reconstructed a building at a high school in La Puente. Exact location and current status of the school are unknown. There are currently three high schools in La Puente.

  • Glendora School – Glendora CA

    The 1939 WPA Accomplishment Report for Southern California reports that the WPA demolished and reconstructed a school building in the Glendora school district. Exact location and current status unknown.

  • Washington Accelerated Elementary – Pasadena CA

    The WPA made improvements to the school in the 1930s, constructing a new cafeteria and a one story frame, stucco building. They also made extensive ground improvements including: grading, landscaping, seeding, walkways, drives, walls, fences, etc. The Pasadena Museum of… read more

  • Hudson Elementary School – La Puente CA

    WPA demolished five existing buildings and constructed a new one story, frame and stucco earthquake proof building for kindergarten purposes. It is not clear if the WPA also reconstructed the rest of the school, perhaps after 1939.

  • Albany High School – Albany CA

    Albany did not have a public high school until 1936; students traveled to Berkeley, Richmond or Oakland. The WPA and PWA contributed to the building of Albany High between, roughly, 1936-1941. According to the Albany Times from that period, five… read more

  • Grossmont High School Buildings – El Cajon CA

    Though the high school was originally established in the 1920s, the WPA carried out several projects on the school grounds in the 30s: "Built by the New Deals Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression years 1936-37, our Gym has… read more

  • Mayo Plunge – Compton CA

    The Mayo Plunge swimming pool in Compton, CA, was initiated under the California State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) and completed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It has since been demolished.

  • Chino Elementary School – San Bernardino CA

    "Construction of an Elementary School Bldg. consisting of four units of wood frame on concrete foundations. Exterior walls stucco and all interior walls and ceilings plastered to replace school now being demolished; the old school building was very dangerous and… read more

  • Glendale Public Library (former) – Glendale CA

    The old Glendale Public Library was built in the early 1900s. The WPA added two wings between 1940 and 1942. Unfortunately this building was replaced by the current library in 1973 and demolished in 1977.

  • Pomona Public Library (former) – Pomona CA

    The library on this site was built in the early 1900s and expanded by the WPA in 1939. It was closed and demolished in 1965.