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List of New Deal Films and Scholarship

WPA,” song by Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra, “No Place to Go,” released on: 2012-03-27

John Elrick’s list

Detailed rundown of New Deal/Great Depression films at Indiana University

Videorecordings relating to New Deal art in California, 1975-1976  (Smithsonian)
32 U-Matic videorecordings of unedited interviews, varying in length from fifteen minutes to three hours, of artists, craftspersons, administrators, and historians, associated with New Deal art in California. One videotape, which features Dr. Francis V. O’Connor, is an introduction to the project. The interviews were conducted and recorded in subjects’ homes or studios by Lydia Modi Vitale and Steven Gelber. This videotape project was one in conjunction with a 1976 exhibit at the museum entitled NEW DEAL ART: CALIFORNIA. Videorecordings relating to New Deal art in California, 1975-1976

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