Remembering New Deal New York

The LND has created a new chapter in New York City, an exciting effort to reacquaint New Yorkers with the legacy of the New Deal in the city through signage, tours, and educational events. This new initiative was launched on May 7, as two hundred New Yorkers gathered for a symposium at the Center for Architecture. The keynote speaker was journalist and author Kevin Baker, whose April cover story in Harper’s Magazine, “We Can Do It Again,” showed that the New Deal can serve as a model for a Green New Deal. Phoebe Roosevelt, great-granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor, welcomed the audience and spoke about the achievements of those who spearheaded the “great experiment we call the New Deal.” How the New Deal transformed the city and what today’s policy-makers can learn from that achievement were some of the topics covered by a panel that included author Nick Taylor, LND founder Gray Brechin, professor Marta Gutman of the City College of New York, and New York City Deputy Mayor Phillip Thompson. Find more details here.

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