(10:14) b/w silent
Shows how forest fires can be prevented by carefully extinguishing camp fires, exercising care in smoking habits while in the woods, and maintaining strict watch over fires built in brush and wooded areas. Includes shots of Civilian Conservation Corps members fighting a forest fire.

Pilgrim Forests

(19:55) b/w silent
On State parks in New England. Reel 1 shows the Maine coast, Bar Harbor, and Baxter and Moose Brook State Parks; picnickers cook on a grill; CCC men work in the forests. (Weird boxing match at minute 7, seems one of them is wearing an Arabic head gear) Shows Connecticut’s Acculney State Park. Oxen pull up stumps of trees. Horses pull cart loads of lumber. Reel 2 shows Connecticut’s Proctor and Elmore State Parks, Virginia’s Dorlim...

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A Day in Virginia Camps

(8:40) b/w silent but with white noise distortion
Shows, without subtitles, various activities of CCC boys at a camp. The men leave the camp and then clear brush, fell trees, build roads, and plant trees. The men eat in the field and run a fire drill. Shows recreation activities at the camp (baseball, boxing, fishing, and swimming). Shows retreat ceremonies as the flag is lowered.

A Forest Playground

(8:32) b/w silent
This film is on Maryland’s Patapsco Forest State Park. The footage shows the park’s forests and streams and a close-up of Avalon Dam on the Patapsco River. Scenes show Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) men as they worked on the park’s roads with picks and shovels, cleared the banks and drained swampy areas, laid out trails, drilled and broke rock, and slept in outdoor quarters. The footage includes a panoramic view of Baltimo...

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Human Crop

(10:59) b/w silent
Farm scenes show cattle in a field, farm machinery, and men stacking hay. Various recreational areas for underprivileged children are located on a map. Children play in slum areas. CCC men do construction work in Chopwamsic Recreational Demonstration Area. City children file out of schools, board busses, debus at Chopwamsic, and hike, swim, and play. Includes brief flashes of the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C.

Sequoia National Park

(10:17) b/w silent
Tourists arrive at Sequoia National Park by car and motorcycle. Shows closeups of a waterfall, an overhanging rock, and a bear. Tourists examine a huge Sequoia tree. Civilian Conservation Corps men work on the roads and eat at an outdoor field kitchen.

Hall of Giants

(7:24) b/w silent
Shows views of Yosemite National Park including “Big Tree Lodge,” “Wawona Tunnel Trees,” rock formations, and streams. Tourists fish in a stream, stroll along a forest path, and ride horses and bicycles in the park. CCC men work in the park.

Uncle Sam the Greatest Builder

(9:45)  b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) dam construction. Rock and sand is removed from the site of the Grand Coulee Dam. Steel reinforcement is erected for an earth dam at Fort Peck, Montana. Shows general construction scenes at Boulder Dam, and the packet boat Mark Twain on the Mississippi. Steel reinforcements for the Bonneville Dam are set in place. Concrete is poured and spread. Obstructions are removed with dynamite.

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