Molecular Theory of Matter

(10:33) b/w, sound
Diagrams and explains by laboratory experiments the action of molecules in gases, liquids, and solids. Shows molecular action as a bulb of bromine is broken within a partial vacuum. Diagrams the force of gas molecules on the walls of a chamber. Describes the evaporation of water and explains why liquids assume the shape of their receptacles. Microscopic studies show molecular movement in solids.

Plant Traps

(10:27) b/w, sound
Explains how insectivorous plants feed themselves, using the pitcher plant and the sundew plant for examples. Leaves of a pitcher plant are cut away showing dead beetles and other insects. Time-lapse studies show how the sundew plant catches insects with its tentacles and digests them. Microscopic shots show protoplasm in the tentacles.

Job Creating Contest

(9:36) color, silent
The NYA office in Illinois conducts an essay contest to get ideas for useful projects for NYA work centers. Announcements are mimeographed and printed, posters designed and posted, and essays judged. Administrator Aubrey Williams presents awards to winning youths at the state fair held at Springfield, Ill.


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Youth Building at Wilberforce

(11:00) color, silent
On activities at the NYA work experience center, Wilberforce University, Ohio. Shows classes in woodwork, metal crafts, machine shop, cooking, and typesetting. Negro youths mold and make bricks which are used in the construction of a field house.

NYA and Negro Youth

(20:54) color, silent
On NYA centers in Georgia and Alabama. Reel 1, Negro boys feed chickens and pigs, plow with tractors, landscape grounds, and repair dormitories at centers in Boligee, Ala., and in Dorchester, Ga. Girls prepare and serve meals, weave baskets, and make mattresses. Reel 2, boys construct chairs in a woodworking class at an Atlanta high school. Shows home economics classes, radio instruction, and shoe making courses at Georgia State College Girl...

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Presidents Flood Relief Committee Inspects Inundated Areas

(8:23) b/w, silent
Harry Hopkins and other members of President Roosevelt’s flood relief committee inspect flood relief activities in Pennsylvania. The committee examines temporary tent camp facilities for evacuees, the operation of soup kitchens, damage to roads, board and sand bag levees, and flooded jetties and wharves. The committee scans the banks of the Ohio River from a river steamboat.

Nursery School

(6:35) b/w, silent
Children drink orange juice at the Lincoln Nursery School in Chicago, Illinois. Nurses examine their teeth and tonsils. The children eat, take naps, and leave a building.

Winter Sun and Summer Sea

(20:36) b/w, sound
Reel 1, scenes of palm trees, surf on a beach at St. Augustine, an old schoolhouse, old homes in St. Augustine, and old men playing checkers depict Florida’s history, social atmosphere, and climate. Shows the Royal Palms State Park, Florida Botanical Garden and Arboretum, Highlands Hammock, Rex Beach Forest, and bridges and streams. CCC men work in a park. Reel 2 shows CCC men turning out for a day’s work, playing volley ball ...

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(3:59) b/w, silent
Shows scenes in Alaska: views of the coast on the Gulf of Alaska; panoramic shots of a small port; the train station and street scenes in Seward; scenic views along a railroad right-of-way (railroad bridge, tunnels, mountains, etc.); and timber tracts.

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