Brick Pavements

(9:33) b/w, sound
On the construction of brick pavements. Describes the steps in the construction of a brick highway. Shows a completed four lane brick highway.

Safety on the Job

(17:37) b/w, sound
Shows examples of careless mistakes which lead to injury made by a Civilian Conservation Corps unit at work clearing a forest trail. Emphasizes the need for careful handling of dynamite, hand tools (spades, axes, etc.), and equipment (bulldozers, trucks, and tractors).

A Better Minnesota

(9:20)  b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Minnesota. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and WPA units battle a forest fire. Shows dams under construction at Lakeland, St. Paul, etc. WPA members supervise nursery school operations. Children are given medical examinations. Shows household training classes and scenes at a children’s vacation camp. Sioux and Chippewa Indians weave, embroider, and make beads. Pink granite is quarri...

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A Better Chicago

(9:03) b/w, sound
On WPA projects in Chicago. Sewer pipe is laid. Debris is cleared from the lake front. Animal skeletons are reconstructed in the Field Museum. Airport runways are lengthened and drainage ditches dug. Slum buildings are razed for a housing project. Shows scenes in parks and a zoo, auto accident scenes, cars being checked for defects, razing of unsafe grain elevators, playgrounds, and nursery school activities.

Dawn Strikes the Capitol Dome

(9:46) b/w, silent
An impressionistic study of Washington, D.C., on a typical depression day. Includes shots of the Capitol Building, National Archives, Union Station, Arlington Cemetery, statues, British Embassy, Supreme Court, Lincoln Memorial, White House, downtown streets, and typical groups of people (shoppers, government employees, picnickers, tramps, etc.).

Matanuska Alaska

(1:16:39) b/w, silent
On the town of Matanuska. Reel 1, a train arrives and passengers detrain. Reel 2 shows a house under construction, a farmer plowing, and views of cafes, a store, and the post office. Reel 3 shows views of the post office and a grocery store. Reel 4 shows the Matanuska Valley Pioneer office. Twin babies are weighed and measured in a hospital. Reel 5, people dance at a community hall. The volunteer fire department fights a fire. Reel 6, horses an...

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Federal Theater at the World’s Fair

(20:29) b/w, silent
On preparations for and activities at the Golden Gate International Exposition. Reel 1, exhibition buildings are constructed on Treasure Island, Calif., in 1936. Shows views of San Francisco and scenes aboard the ferry to Treasure Island. Seats and electric equipment are installed in the Federal Theatre building on Treasure Island. Shows wardrobe design and fitting and rehearsal scenes. Reel 2, the FTP presents a puppet show, &#...

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CCC at La Purissima

(7:32) b/w, silent
An old Spanish mission in the La Purisima State Park, California, is rebuilt by CCC units. Dust and dirt is shoveled from the mission ruins. Walls are reconstructed from adobe brick. Tile is made from clay found in the area and used for the roofing. The grounds are landscaped.

Behind the Scenes Circa 1936

(13:20) b/w, silent
On Federal Theatre activities in San Bernardino, California. Shows details of stage lighting, sets under construction, wardrobe fittings, and scenes in rehearsal. Scenes from the opening night presentation of the play “Habit” are shown.

Federal Theater in San Diego

(11:05) b/w, silent
Shows, without subtitles, actors being auditioned in the Federal Theatre Project’s San Diego office. Sets are constructed. A crowd arrives to witness the FTP production of “Blind Alley”.