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Oxford, Massachusetts’s old Woodward School received assistance from multiple New Deal programs during the 1930s. In 1933 the Civil Works Administration (CWA) graded a playground at the school and painted and decorated the building, a project which, town reports state, is “a work that does great credit to those having it in charge.” The school grounds were further improved and graded during 1934 utilizing funds provided by the federal Emergency Relief Administration.

The building still houses educational facilities, though it is no longer known as the Woodward School.

Source notes

Annual Reports of the Town Officers / School Committee of the Town of Oxford, Massachusetts for the years ending December 31, 1933, 1934.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on October 14, 2014.

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Location Info

670 Main St.
Oxford, MA 01537

Coordinates: 42.159143, -71.881989

5 comments on “Woodward School (former) – North Oxford MA

  1. Richard Thrush

    very nice I went there 7th and 8th grade even helped out in cafeteria there.Had to be 1959-1960 thanks for the picture I guess all has changed there as classes lets leave it out. I lived not far from the school 5 min. walk.

  2. Ralph Magarian

    I started my first grade at Woodward School in 1938.Some of my happiest school days were spent there. At that time only grades 1-6 were taught. I made lifelong friends attending Woodward School.

  3. Richard Noel

    I went to Woodward school in the early/mid 50s. It was great fun and good teachers I have pictures of the good ole days. If the school would like pictures I would be happy to send.

  4. Susan Melander

    The Woodward School was demolished in 2019. Currently there is a dog park on the site.

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