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The Shawnee Adult Learning Center is part of Shawnee’s public school system, and was formerly Woodrow Wilson School. In 1940 the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) added two-story brick additions to the north end of the Woodrow Wilson School which had been built in 1928. The WPA additions consisted of an auditorium and a cafeteria. According to a report that ran in The Oklahoman in October 1940, a WPA payment of $28,000 was pending for the construction of the Woodrow Wilson School additions at the time.

In the 1980s the school housed all Shawnee 6th graders. Later it became an Early Childhood Education Center. Today it is an adult education center.

Hamquilter’s description on her Waymarking webpage describes the WPA-additions as follows:

“The roof is flat with concrete coping at the roof line. The two-door entrance facing west is slightly recessed beneath a concrete block surround. A limestone pediment above is inscribed AUDITORIUM. A bronze WPA shield is located next to this entrance. The two door entrance on the north side of the addition is slightly below ground level.

Window units on the east and north elevations on the upper level have concrete block sides and are tall units. The one-over-one windows have transoms and above that have bas relief panels. The units on the west (rear) have decorative brick instead of windows. A concrete block belt course runs around the three sides of the addition above and below these window units. The one-over-one window units on the first level are slightly under ground.”

Source notes Woodrow Wilson School

RootsWeb: News Items: 1940 - 1949

Shawnee Adult Learning Center

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Location Info

1830 North Beard
Shawnee, OK 74804

Coordinates: 35.352345, -96.925184

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