Winslow High Athletic Field – Winslow ME


“The Winslow High School, with a modern building costing nearly $175,000, had no satisfactory grounds for athletic contests.

The lot upon which the High School was built was very uneven, a brook and gully running through the middle. The town had raised a fund for grading the lot and upon completion of the grading for the Building and tennis courts, there was only $2,300 left for grading the remainder of the four acre lot. This was inadequate and no work had been done other than some fill being placed by local manufacturing companies and others using it as a dump.

When the allotment of man labor was available under CWA in December, 1934, a crew of 30 men were started on the work of hauling in fill and grading the high spots on the field. The highest cut was 6 feet and the deepest fill was 8 feet. Sand was hauled for fill and man and teams moved the material on the field. An estimated amount of 12,000 cubic yards of material was moved and an additional 2,500 cubic yards of top soil was placed to complete the grading.

Then ERA workers constructed a concrete and steel grandstand with seating capacity of 1,000, installation of 1500′ of cyclone fence and a cinder running track, jumping paths and pits.”

Source notes

Maine Emergency Relief Administration Work Program Activities April 1, 1934 - July 1, 1936 Edited by Hildreth Hawes.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on November 12, 2018.

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Location Info

138 Benton Ave.
Winslow, ME 04901

Coordinates: 44.5520577, -69.6221522

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