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The Williamson Housing Authority built the Williamson Terrace Public Housing with aid from the Federal Housing Authority. The development consists of a single row of two-story, brick structures, with one structure set forward, closer to the right of way along Vinson Street.

The back street appears on some maps as Smith Street. A retaining wall is to the rear of the projects holding up a steep hill and to the side allowing the forward building to be level.

According to the Williamson Housing Authority, “On November 25, 1940, ground was broken in West Williamson and on Vinson Street for the construction of two projects of low-rent housing.
Victoria Courts was named for Mrs. Victoria Williamson. Mrs. Williamson was the mother of H.T. Williamson, who was a pioneer resident of the community and owned the land on which the project was being constructed. Williamson Terrace was named for W.J. Williamson, the founder of the City of Williamson.
While the work was begin done on the two projects, the tenant selection office opened on April 1, 1941 and applications were accepted for housing. The projects were ready for occupancy on October 1, 1941, and both had complete occupancy by February of 1942.“

Source notes

Sources: Sanborn Map Williamson, Mingo County, West Virginia 1932/updated 1943, Sheet 1
Williamson Housing Authority:(http://williamsonha.tenmast.com/AboutUs/MissionHistory/tabid/7798/Default.aspx) accessed February 19, 2018.
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Site vist by Ernest Everett Blevins, MFA on 17 February 2018

Project originally submitted by Ernest Everett Blevins on February 20, 2018.

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Location Info

1026 Vinson Street
Williamson, WV

Location notes: Coordinates -82.264363 W, 37.675463 N Along Vinson Street in Williamson, West Virginia.

Coordinates: 37.6752661, -82.26537009999998

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