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Foote Homes public housing opened in 1940 with 900 units designated for African American families. Foote is the last remaining public housing facility in Memphis and occupies 46 acres near downtown Memphis. It was one of several public housing complexes in Memphis built with PWA funding. It is currently a 426 unit facility following a restoration/renovation in the mid-1990s. Located in a historically prominent African American neighborhood, the complex has been the target of differences between the city’s public housing authority, who seeks to demolish it and disperse the residents into the community, and the residents of the complex who oppose the plan and desire improvements to the facility and the surrounding community. Efforts have been made to secure historic recognition of the facility.

Source notes

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Location Info

506 Vance Park Pl
Memphis, TN 38126-3240

Location notes: Bounded by South 4th, Vance Ave, S Lauderdale, and Mississippi Blvd

Coordinates: 35.1336229, -90.0452972

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  1. Kenneth Reardon

    Local residents and leaders were pleased by HUD’s decision to deny funding for a Memphis Housing Authority’s Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant Application that would have demolished this historic complex where Benjamin Hooks, Rufus Thomas, and Mavis Staples. A resident-generated plan that would preserve this important social housing asset can be found under the Community Projects Section of the U of M’s Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning’s website: http://www.memphis.edu/planning

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