Whittier State School/Fred C. Nelles School for Boys – Whittier CA


“The March 11, 1889 Act of the California Legislature authorized the establishment of a school for juvenile offenders. Dedication and laying of cornerstone was done by Governor R. W. Waterman on February 12, 1890. Officially opened as ‘Whittier State School’ for boys and girls on July 1, 1891. Girls were transferred in 1916 and only boys were in residence from then until the school’s closure in 2004. Renamed ‘Fred C. Nelles School for Boys’ in 1941 (‘For Boys’ was dropped around 1970). This school was in continuous operation serving the needs of juvenile offenders from 1891 until closing in 2004. It is now up for mixed-use redevelopment and is sometimes used as a filming location.”

The WPA worked improving the school grounds in the 1930s.

Frederick Potter also completed two oil on canvas paintings for the school under the Federal Art Project.

Costs below are for the ground improvements only.

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s
9278 2560 11838

Source notes

Connolly, Donald H. and G. I. Farman. Report of Accomplishment of the Operations Division. Works Progress Administration, Southern California. January 1, 1939.


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Location Info

11850 E Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90606

Location notes:
The school closed in 2004 and is now up for redevelopment. It is sometimes used as a filming location.

Coordinates: 33.980140, -118.050193

5 comments on “Whittier State School/Fred C. Nelles School for Boys – Whittier CA

  1. D Adkins

    There is a photo, in the Los Angeles, Public Library collection, of a painting of some cowboys herding some wild horses. March 1939 labeled Whittier State School if you are interested.

    • Thanks for the tip. We’ll follow up on that, if you can tell us where you found/saw the photo? Is it something on display or in a collection you were studying?
      R. Walker

  2. wesley bowers

    I worked there from 1965 to 1968. our title was that of group supervisor and in effect like today’s correctional officer.

  3. David G. Wallace

    My Dad, Ted Alan Wallace went to school there in the 1950’s, pretty cool place for film making now and it is safe to say my dad was a rebel and got into lots of trouble back in the day!!! Lol I still love him though! 🙂

  4. Robert C. Williams, Jr.

    Between 1964 and June 18, 1966, I was a ward of the state of California. I remember the names of counselors, teachers, and other students. I want to connect with former students, teachers, coaches, and counselors.

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