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The Works Progress Administration built a library in Drumright, OK.

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“Whitlock Park is located southwest of the downtown area and is bounded on the west by S. Jones Avenue, on the north by W. 2nd Street and on the south by Lou Allard Drive. The entrance on the south has a drive-through, flanked by stone pillars. A portion of the park boundary on this side has small stone pillars and pipe railing.

The park has a nice selection of newer playground equipment, a skatepark and a splash pad. The WPA-constructed swimming pool has been replaced by the splash pad.

A nice piece of WPA work is the former bathhouse. This is a one-story randomly laid stone building which has beaded mortar. The building has two wings which are single-story with flat roofs and high, small grate-covered windows. The center section is raised with a curved roof. Higher stone parapets are located at each corner of the building and the raised center section. The building had fallen into disrepair, but has undergone a renovation this past year. The pool was replaced with the splash pad, and the building has been spruced up. Trim has been painted, and two mural scenes painted on the large windows in the center section. The photo gallery shows a piece of stone with holes where the WPA shield once was mounted.

We could not determine how this building is currently being used, however, the park is an active venue for community events, and most likely this former bathhouse is used at that time.”

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Waymarking: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMZP0Z_Whitlock_Park_Drumright_OK

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Whitlock Park
Drumright, OK

Coordinates: 35.9826254, -96.6080410

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  1. Karen Poole

    Who does have information on hours the splash pad is open? Please reply, as my grandchildren are coming for a visit.

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