White Park Improvements – Concord NH


Municipal reports for the town of Concord document extensive New Deal improvements in White Park. In 1935, the entrance to White Park at the corner of Center and High streets was remodeled. In 1936, the PWA completed a cement bathing pool in White Park.

In June of 1937, the WPA completed a new administration building for the park, “furnished and equipped so at the end of the year the City of Concord has the foundation for one of the best service bureaus in tree surgery, insect control, tree and flower preservation and propagation in this section of the country. The new building was further improved by practical yet attractive stone embankments, grading, new roadways and seeding.”

In 1939, the WPA helped complete a new baseball field at White Park. The agency also “started many young plants at the nursery; many of them are perennials. These plants will be set out in the city parks during 1940. The nursery, started in 1936 as an experiment, has grown from a plantation of a quarter of an acre to one of one and one-half acres. There are now available hundreds of plants and trees for use in parks, fortunately, the nursery has cost the city very little due to the welcome labor assistance rendered by the N.Y.A.”

Source notes

City of Concord ANNUAL REPORT of the RECEIPTS and EXPENDITURES for the year ending DECEMBER 31, 1933 to 1942

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Location Info

White Park
Concord, NH 03301

Coordinates: 43.207385, -71.547085

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