White Narrows Site, Dam No. 1 and 2 – Moapa Indian Reservation NV


The main purpose of these dams (and others) on the Muddy River is flood control and protection of downstream decreed agricultural land owned by the Moapa Indian Reservation and/or private water users in Moapa Valley. The White Narrows Dam No. 1 also impounds water during wetter years and/or off-season useage. Dam No. 2 is located within the Reservation while Dam No. 1 and its reservoir are at the edge but mostly outside of the Reservation boundary. Dam No. 2 was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps – Indian Division (CCC-ID) in 1935 under supervision of the Office Indian Affairs and the Soil Conservation Service.* The earth and rock filled structures (or levees) are riprapped for erosion control. Dam No. 2 was later enlarged and Dam No. 1 was recently restored by the Moapa Tribe following a washout in 2014.

*Other associated flood control projects on the Muddy River include the Arrowhead Dam, Meadow Valley Wash Flood Control, Wells Siding Diversion Dam, and Hogans Wash Dam.(built with CCC labor within supervision from the U.S. Forest Service and/or Soil Conservation Service).

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Renee Kolvet on June 20, 2021.

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Location Info

Moapa Indian Reservation, NV 89025

Coordinates: 36.675831, -114.62

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