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Three CCC camps operated out of the Wawona area, engaged in the usual work done by the “boys”. “The first work of CCC enrollees in Yosemite consisted of forest cleanup and improvement, roadside clearing, construction of horse trails, erection of telephone lines, construction of two egg-taking stations, development of public campgrounds, creek and river erosion control, sloping and planting of cut banks and road fills, insect control, and other forestry work such as removal of undesirable plants and re-vegetation.”

YNP #1, NP 15, – Co. 915 May 33 to Nov. 33. – Co. 529 Apr 34 to Oct. 34.
YNP #2, NP 16, – Co. 942 May. 33 to Nov. 33. – Co. 530 Apr 34 to Oct. 34.
Both YNP 1 and 2 operated at the far end of Wawona meadow.

YNP #7, NP 21, – Co. 529 Oct. 34 to May 35 – Co. 916 Jun. 35 to Jan. 36. – Co. 2548 Jan. 36 to Oct. 37. – Co. 487 Oct. 37 to Nov. 41.
First lady Eleanor Roosevelt inspected the camp and stayed here sometime between 1938 and 1941.
YNP #7 was located near where the current maintenance area near Pioneer Yosemite History Center is.

Following discontinuance of the CCC program in 1942, the Wawona CCC buildings were held for use as a possible public service camp. During the latter part of April 1943, authority was granted the army for the occupation of the former Wawona CCC camp by several hundred men of the 426th Signal Battalion, Camp Pinedale, California, for special training. During December 1943, negotiations were completed for the transfer of the former Wawona CCC camp to the Western Signal Aviation Unit Training Center, Camp Pinedale, and the army stationed a small unit at the camp to protect its property. U. S. Army Signal Corps units utilized Park Service facilities both at Wawona and Badger Pass as special summer training schools.

4 of the original buildings have survived with slight modifications and upgrades and are used by the park service. A campground registration booth, an office, and two maintenance buildings.

Source notes

Superintendent’s Monthly Reports, January-December 1933, microfilm roll #2, Yosemite Research Library and Records Center, 26-32.



Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 23, 2017.

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Location Info

Wawona Campground
Wawona, CA

Location notes: 37.539101, -119.651583

Coordinates: 37.5447479, -119.67260870000001

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  1. I have some photos taken by my Uncle when he was stationed there in 1933. I am in the process of adding photos to his page. The current page is located at http://www.seibelmurphy.com/quicklinks/arnoldccc.html

  2. Andrew Laverdiere

    Thank you very much Philip! Those are great!

  3. Carolyn Vondriska

    Hi Philip and thank you for the photos! My father is working on a book regarding the New Deal in Yosemite (he wrote an article that was published a few months ago on this site, as well). His name is John Broesamle. We are hoping to track down any living CCC alumni who might be willing to be interviewed. Is your uncle still alive? Wawona has a lot of meaning for our family – my grandparents lived there for decades. Thank you for your time!

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