Water Works Improvements – Meridian MS


Meridian voters approved a $200,000 bond issue for improving the water works in 1939. It was projected to begin July that year and provide employment for 300 men for a year. Improvements were proposed to include “new five-million-gallon reservoir on the hills south of Meridian, Gravity flow through a new 24-inch main to the downtown section. Several new 16-inch mains to major outlying districts of the city. At least one addition to the pumping station to increase capacity. Adequate pressure to decrease fire hazards” (1939, p. 9).

Although they had expected to receive a federal grant of $100,000 toward the cost, Works Progress Administration No. 50,084 approved $3,684 September 26, 1940, to construct an addition to the pumping station and make improvements. The water works were originally constructed in 1887. The pumping station with its additions is still extant and in use, along with one of the three smokestacks constructed in 1924. Natural gas replaces the steam pumps in the 1940s, and was possibly one of the improvements made to the pumping station.

Source notes

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Location Info

1600 B Street
Meridian, Mississippi 39301

Coordinates: 32.3944267, -88.6956226

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